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    January 30, 2015 / Pressident's Message

    SCAI President’s Response to Concerns About New York Times Article on Peripheral Stenting

    An article in today’s The New York Times, “Medicare Payments Surge for Stents to Unblock Blood Vessels in Limbs,” focuses on increases in peripheral arterial stenting. SCAI is concerned about several of the claims in the article. In particular, we question the journalists’ conclusions about the use of peripheral arterial procedures when it appears that the vast majority of the increase in procedures has occurred with venous procedures Continue reading.


    January 5, 2015 / Press Release

    SCAI 2015 Hildner Lecture Will Highlight Critical Need for More Clinical Research in Interventional Cardiology

    New clinical research is essential to the development of hospital quality measurement, public reporting and pay-for-performance programs, according to Robert Harrington, MD, FSCAI, chair of the Department of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, who will present the SCAI 2015 Scientific Sessions Hildner Lecture, "The Future of Clinical Research in Interventional Cardiology: Challenges and Opportunities," on Friday, May 8, in San Diego. In his upcoming lecture, Dr. Harrington will argue that simplification of larger trials, better early-phase investigations and the use of electronic health records can ease the path to new research. Continue reading.


    December 22, 2014 / Advocacy News

    New Interventional Cardiology Designation to Reduce Claim Denials & Ensure Fairer Valuation of Services

    Starting on Jan. 5, 2015, interventional cardiologists can take advantage of one of the most important advocacy opportunities available: the option of being identified by payers, including Medicare, not as general cardiologists or as internists, but as interventional cardiologists. What you need to know.


    December 8, 2014 / President's Message

    SCAI End of Year Update

    SCAI President Dr. Charles Chambers reviews highlights from the first half of his SCAI presidency and provides thoughts on what is to come in 2015. Take a look.


    November 17, 2014 / SCAI Statement

    SCAI Statement on “Twelve or 30 Months of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Drug-Eluting Stents (DAPT),” Presented at AHA Scientific Sessions

    A new study presented today looks at the risks and benefits of continuing dual antiplatelet therapy beyond one year after placement of one or more drug-eluting stents as compared with aspirin therapy alone. The DAPT study’s authors conclude that, while continuing dual antiplatelet therapy with a thienopyridine (clopidogrel or prasugrel) in addition to aspirin after one year significantly reduced the risks of stent thrombosis and major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, continuation was also associated with increased risk of bleeding. Read the Statement.


    November 10, 2014 / President's Message

    Society Advocating for Interventional Cardiology on Multiple Fronts

    Last week a team of SCAI advocates convinced Oregon’s Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) that its initial draft coverage policy on treating stable angina requires significant revision before it can be considered for implementation. If the draft policy had been implemented, it would have been extremely restrictive, ultimately denying one-third of Oregon’s citizens access to evidence-based care of their stable angina. Read the Message.