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    What are the benefits of using an eLearning program?

    There are a number of benefits to using an SCAI eLearning program, including:

    • Cost-effective learning opportunities that reduce the amount you pay to enhance your education;
    • Flexible, convenient access to education and resources, meaning you don't need to rearrange your schedule to get the training you want;
    • Educational content is available 24/7, so you can learn in between cases or at home with no wait time after registration—and your access to the content never expires;
    • CME credit is available for many eLearning programs;

    What are the differences between eLearning and traditional lectures or conferences?

    eLearning courses feature educational content in a web-based format, which means you have access to presentations and case studies at all times. While traditional conferences require a significant time commitment (travel, presence during the meeting, etc.) and can adversely affect your time at work, eLearning courses do not require live instructors and are therefore available for use according to your schedule.

    Is eLearning a replacement for traditional conferences?

    eLearning is not a replacement for traditional conferences—it is a great compliment to them! Traditional conferences allow you to interact with presenters and colleagues while still providing access to excellent education. Outside of webinars, eLearning programs typically do not offer these types of opportunities, but they do provide an excellent alternative when it isn't possible to attend a program or when you want an in-depth review of a specific topic area.

    Are eLearning courses accredited? Can I get CME for using the courses?

    Many of our eLearning programs are accredited by the ACCME. You can get CME credit for using the courses. Please visit the course homepages for information on which courses are currently available for CME credit, or contact SCAI with questions before you get started.

    How can I collect a CME certificate?

    CME certificates are available to download after you complete each course. In order to download the certificate, you will need to successfully pass the post-test associated with the module you have completed. Additionally, you will be prompted to complete and submit an evaluation. To download the certificate, click on the Claim CME button that will appear next to the course you have completed.

    How long will I have access to the eLearning program I registered for?

    Length of access varies by program – please reference the homepage for the program you are interested in. A list of the courses currently available for registration is available here.

    I have paid for an eLearning course and would like a refund—how do I receive one?

    Refunds are available only if the course has not been started. Refunds are not available if presentations have been loaded, reviewed, or if CME credit has been claimed. Refunds must be applied for in writing (via email) and requests may be sent to Stephanie Hubka at shubka@scai.org.

    Why isn't the eLearning program that I registered for loading on my screen?

    Please check to be sure that you are running the current version of Adobe Flash on your web browser, and ensure your web browser is set to allow popups from www.scai.org. If you are still unable to view the presentations and case studies for the course you have selected, please contact Stephanie Hubka at shubka@scai.org.

    How can I get technical support for my eLearning course?

    Please visit the Technical Requirements page for more information. If your questions are not answered after ensuring your computer and web browser meet the requirements, please contact Stephanie Hubka at shubka@scai.org.

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