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    Women in Innovations (“WIN”) is a global initiative led by female interventional cardiologists. The WIN mission is to strengthen professional opportunities for female interventional cardiologists. We achieve this mission through the following activities;

    • Provide annual CME and professional networking programs for women
    • Develop formal pipeline into SCAI committees
    • Create web/live resources specific to female interventionalists
    • Conduct novel research around sex-based disparities in cardiovascular care   

    WIN co-founder, Roxana Mehran, MD, FSCAI discusses WIN with the initiative's new co-chair, Dr. Kimberly Skelding, MD, FSCAI. 

    The 2012 WIN Annual Review is here! The entire WIN community worked very hard in 2012 to fulfill its mission. The WIN Annual Review showcases WIN's ongoing acheivements. We look forward to pushing these and other projects further in 2013 as WIN continues to reach its goals.

    Find the WIN 2012 Annual Review HERE

    Find the WIN 2011 Annual Review HERE.