• Betty - Achieving a High Quality of Life at Any Age

    Betty didn’t realize the full extent of her heart disease symptoms, or how they were impacting her life, until after she was treated. Like many people with stable angina, she had curtailed her participation in activities she loved – like gardening and golfing – in order to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms that plagued her when she did them. To learn what led her to treatment, and how much she’s enjoying life now, read her story.

    Gary Lawrence - Angioplasty One Day, Anniversary Trip to Europe the Next

    Despite regular visits to his cardiologist and medication, Gary notice a decline in his energy levels, chronic fatigue, loss of stamina, and other symptoms that were keeping him from doing the things he enjoyed. When tests revealed blockages in his heart arteries, Gary and his doctor discussed his options. He got treated and is now enjoying his retirement, doing things he never thought he could. Read his story.

    Jack Blatherwick - Sudden Angina Signals Serious Heart Condition

    All of a sudden, Jack Blatherwick couldn’t take 50 steps into his four-mile daily walk without extreme chest pain. With a Ph.D. in physiology and a career overseeing the conditioning of professional and Olympic ice hockey players, Jack, 65, recognized his symptoms as angina – the chest pain that occurs when arteries to the heart are blocked and the heart is starved for oxygen. Read more about how Jack got treated and got back to his active lifestyle.

    John McLaughlin - A Patient’s Heart for Adventure: Procedure Helps Continue an Annual Tradition

    If it weren’t for the treatment John McLaughlin received to open a blocked heart artery, he might have had to put his annual king salmon fishing trips to Alaska on hold, along with many other daily activities that can be difficult to perform when suffering the symptoms of heart disease. Read more about the symptoms John was experiencing and the treatment that got him back to hiking, fishing, working, and the other things he loves.

    Kathy - Heart Patient Seeks Help Despite Confusing Symptoms

    Kathy had what she calls “episodes” – relatively minor symptoms that came and went. A non-smoker who took care of herself, Kathy was doubtful when her doctor recommended testing her heart, especially when the results turned out to be mixed. Concerned about the results and the nagging symptoms, Kathy underwent cardiac catheterization, which revealed one of her main heart arteries was 95 percent blocked. Read her story to find out what happened next.