• Betty - Achieving a High Quality of Life at Any Age

    Betty didn’t realize the full extent of her heart disease symptoms, or how they were impacting her life, until after she was treated. Like many people with stable angina, she had curtailed her participation in activities she loved – like gardening and golfing – in order to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms that plagued her when she did them. To learn what led her to treatment, and how much she’s enjoying life now, read her story.

    Dolf Bachmann - World’s First Angioplasty Patient Now 68 Years Old and “Happy All Around”

    On Sept. 16, 1977, Dolf Bachmann, then 38 years old, became the first patient to undergo balloon angioplasty. Now 68 years old, Bachmann describes himself “in excellent condition, free of complications and happy all around.” Watch as he recalls his experience as the first angioplasty patient and the remarkable role he played in the development of a procedure that has saved many lives and improved quality of life for many more.

    Ed Gartner – The right treatment option for an active lifestyle

    Ed Gartner built his life around living a healthy and active lifestyle. As a community recreational director, tennis instructor, and competitive tennis player, a heart condition was the last thing he thought would keep him out of the game. But that’s exactly what happened, as chest discomfort began bothering him whenever he exerted himself. Read more about the treatment that returned Ed to the lifestyle he loves – so well that he even beat his own cardiologist in two sets of tennis!

    Gary Lawrence - Angioplasty One Day, Anniversary Trip to Europe the Next

    Despite regular visits to his cardiologist and medication, Gary notice a decline in his energy levels, chronic fatigue, loss of stamina, and other symptoms that were keeping him from doing the things he enjoyed. When tests revealed blockages in his heart arteries, Gary and his doctor discussed his options. He got treated and is now enjoying his retirement, doing things he never thought he could. Read his story.

    Jack Blatherwick - Sudden Angina Signals Serious Heart Condition

    All of a sudden, Jack Blatherwick couldn’t take 50 steps into his four-mile daily walk without extreme chest pain. With a Ph.D. in physiology and a career overseeing the conditioning of professional and Olympic ice hockey players, Jack, 65, recognized his symptoms as angina – the chest pain that occurs when arteries to the heart are blocked and the heart is starved for oxygen. Read more about how Jack got treated and got back to his active lifestyle.