• Cardiac Catheterization

    Cardiac Catheterization

    Interventional cardiologists perform cardiac catheterization procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. A thin plastic tube called a catheter is inserted into the arteries and a special dye is injected to help the doctor see blockages and recommend treatment options.

  • Treatment and Prevention

    Interventional Cardiologists and Your Care Team During Angioplasty, Stenting and Other Interventional Procedures

    During balloon angioplasty, stenting and other catheter-based heart treatments, a specialist called an interventional cardiologist performs the necessary procedure.
  • Betty - Achieving a High Quality of Life at Any Age

    Betty didn’t realize the full extent of her heart disease symptoms, or how they were impacting her life, until after she was treated. Like many people with stable angina, she had curtailed her participation in activities she loved – like gardening and golfing – in order to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms that plagued her when she did them. To learn what led her to treatment, and how much she’s enjoying life now, read her story.

    Frank Tetterton - Unusual Pain Leads to Heart Disease Diagnosis

    Heart disease was just about the last thing on 60-year-old Frank Tetterton’s mind. A former college football player, the Atlanta-area real estate developer had been active all his life and exercised regularly. For Frank, shoulder pain that flared up during his exercise routine and later when he was taking a walk was a symptom of a serious blockage in one of his heart arteries. Fortunately, Frank visited an interventional cardiologist, who performed tests and treated the blockage with a stent. Read Frank’s story to learn more about stable angina.

    Kathy - Heart Patient Seeks Help Despite Confusing Symptoms

    Kathy had what she calls “episodes” – relatively minor symptoms that came and went. A non-smoker who took care of herself, Kathy was doubtful when her doctor recommended testing her heart, especially when the results turned out to be mixed. Concerned about the results and the nagging symptoms, Kathy underwent cardiac catheterization, which revealed one of her main heart arteries was 95 percent blocked. Read her story to find out what happened next.

    Russell - A Lifetime of Indigestion Nearly Disguises Symptoms of a Blocked Artery

    Russell had suffered from indigestion his whole life, so when he started experiencing chest pain, he figured it was more of the same. When his condition worsened, he got worried and sought help. A trip to the cardiologist revealed a blocked artery. Read Russell’s story to see how he was successfully treated and how he’s doing now.

    Ruth Garrett - Angina Took Her Off the Dance Floor; Stent Procedure Puts the Spring Back in Her Step

    When heart symptoms forced 85-year-old Ruth Garrett off the dance floor, she figured her life was nearly over. Her doctor sent her to interventional cardiologist Dr. Michael Chen, who successfully treated her blocked artery and got her tap dancing again. Watch as Ruth and Dr. Chen tell her story. (Video courtesy of Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, Maryland.)