• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Sleep and Cardiovascular Disease

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    The following questions can help you talk to your physician about your sleep concerns. Print out or write down these questions and take them with you to your appointment. Taking notes can help you remember your physician’s response when you get home.

    • How much sleep should I aim to get each night?
    • What can I do to promote good-quality sleep?
    • Is my heart disease contributing to my sleep problems?
    • Are certain sleeping positions better than others to help me get the sleep I need?
    • Are my sleep problems affecting my heart disease?
    • Is my snoring a sign of sleep apnea? How does sleep apnea affect my heart?
    • Do any of my current medications cause sleepiness or insomnia?
    • I’m feeling stressed and I can’t sleep well at night. What can I do about my stress level?
    • Are there any sleep medications that can improve my sleep?

    You can print a copy of this list here to have and take to your next appointment with your doctor.