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    Why would my doctor recommend a drug-eluting stent over a bare metal stent?

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    Why would my doctor recommend it?
    The benefit is that there is a tremendous reduction of the need for a repeat treatment, because your artery has re-blocked. When you put a bare metal stent in, there’s probably a 25 or 30% chance that you’re going to come back to me within six months, with chest pain again, and I’m going to take a picture and see that your stent, your bare metal stent, is blocked with scar tissue and that turns out to be a very tough thing to treat. So, the re-blockage in a bare metal stent is a bad, bad thing and I’m going to have to now go back in there and probably put a drug-eluting stent in anyway at that point, because if I do a balloon or another bare metal stent, you’re almost certainly going to reblock and you’re better off in my opinion getting the drug- eluting stent the first time and having a major reduction of the need for a repeat treatment and a good long-term and safe result. 

    – Tim Fischell, M.D., FSCAI (video)
       Borgess Heart Institute