• January 25, 2013

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    Please Update Your Records! SCAI Moving Headquarters on Feb. 8

    The Voice of Interventional Cardiology will open the new Home of Interventional Cardiology as SCAI moves to its new headquarters at 1100 17th Street NW, Suite 330, Washington, DC 20036, effective February 8.

    Stay tuned for additional updates on Interventional Cardiology's big move. For now, please be sure to update SCAI's address in your records.

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    Latest Issue of Cardiology Today Intervention Features SCAI Authors

    Hot off the virtual presses, the latest issue of Cardiology Today Intervention features three articles developed in collaboration with SCAI, each touching on hot topics in Interventional Cardiology. For example, Lyndon Box, MD, FSCAI, discusses appropriate use criteria – highlighting the disconnect between the goals of the AUC and how they may be perceived by practitioners – and pointing to SCAI’s AUC Calculator app as a tool for cath lab teams.  

    SCAI Secretary and Advocacy Committee Chair James C. Blankenship, MD, FSCAI, and SCAI Trustee and RUC Advisor Clifford Kavinsky, MD, PhD, FSCAI, contributed the magazine’s debut Dollars and Stents column, with an in-depth look at the new codes for coronary interventions.

    From the SCAI Public Relations Committee, Ajay Kirtane, MD, FSCAI, and colleague Isaac George, MD, deliver a comprehensive overview of interventional cardiology news from TCT 2012.  

    Access Cardiology Today Intevention

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    Have an IC Opening? SCAI Members Offered 15% Discount on Job Bank

    The SCAI Job Bank (www.SCAI.org/Jobs) is the preeminent source for high quality jobs and candidates within invasive and interventional cardiology. The Career Center provides targeted, cost-effective access to qualified candidates throughout their entire careers.

    Employers benefit from:

    • Access to hundreds of invasive and interventional cardiologists
    • Personal customer support as well as a dedicated account manager
    • Custom tools to manage your job posting and organize hiring strategies
    • Advertising products that help extend your brand by reaching new audiences
    • Access to a deep resume database to contact candidates proactively

    With SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to post your ads to the SCAI Job Bank. Rapid increases in traffic, resume submissions, and online responses to job ads will be at their peak during the weeks preceding SCAI 2013 and throughout the conference. Take advantage of this window by posting any invasive and interventional cardiology ads you have to the SCAI Job Bank so they are active during the conference.

    As a benefit of membership SCAI members receive 15% off their job posting. In order to take advantage of this opportunity simply call (888) 884-8242!

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    A Practice-Changing Experience: What Attendees Said About CTO Phoenix

    Thinking about registering for SCAI's CTO Atlanta on June 15?

    Here's what some attendees had to say after this weekend's CTO Phoenix program, co-chaired by David Kandzari, MD, PhD, FSCAI and William Lombardi, MD, FSCAI:

    "Now I am very encouraged to start a CTO program at my hospital since most of these patients are denied invasive treatment due to lack adequate expertise.”

    "I will proceed with creating a CTO program at my hospital."

    "I will increase the number of CTO cases I perform using the antegrade approach."

    "As a result of attending this program I'll treat more CTO's"


    Similar to the popular SCAI TRIP series, SCAI's CTO Regional Training Series features a combination of didactics and case presentations that allow participants to recognize the elements of CTO PCI case management, strategy, and program development. A flexible agenda accommodates audience participation and allows faculty to field questions and interact with attendees.


    The CTO course features basic and advanced information relating to setting up a CTO program, retrograde problem solving, developing a “CTO toolbox,” and case-based problem solving. In addition to gaining a stronger understanding of CTO case selection and management, attendees learn the key decision-making strategies and recognize the hardware necessary for successful case management.

    Register Now for CTO Atlanta!

    Take a Look at the Agenda

    Program Co-Chair William Lombardi, MD, FSCAI Discusses CTO Atlanta

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    SCAI Supports Congressman Dr. Phil Roe's Bill to Repeal IPAB

    SCAI is endorsing Rep. Phil Roe’s (R-TN)  and Rep. Allyson Schwartz’s (D-PA) “Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act.” This vital legislation would repeal the IPAB, which is slated to begin as early as April 30, 2013.

    Established as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the IPAB consists of an unelected and unaccountable body of 15 individuals tasked with designating Medicare spending cuts. The IPAB cannot include any practicing physicians, presenting a worrisome absence of insight into the needs of patients and physicians alike. Alarmingly, the board is not subject to administrative or judicial review.

    This appointed board lacks the typical Congressional oversight requirements of transparent hearings, debate and meaningful opportunities for critical stakeholder input. Any IPAB proposal automatically carries the effect of law unless Congress acts within an extremely limited statutory “fast track” time frame, or unless three-fifths of the Senate votes to override the board. If the IPAB fails to offer a proposal or never becomes operational, its power to cut Medicare spending mandatorily is placed solely in the hands of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.   

    Read More About SCAI's Participation in the IPAB Repeal Coalition

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    SCAI 2013: i3 Session Calls for Your Cases by February 15

    SCAI's Complex Coronary Complications (C3) Summit is not just for fellows-in-training anymore, with a new spin-off for SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions "i3, a C3 for Grown-Ups" planned to deliver an experience much like the fourth-year interventional cardiology fellows have been enjoying for the past eight years. Much as the i3 abbreviation (Intervention, Interaction, and Input) suggests, this interactive case-based session will feature a series of coronary, structural, or endovascular (including arterial and venous) cases, an open-mike forum for discussion, and critical input from expert faculty.

    Here is your chance to get involved! Show your great cases: therapeutic dilemmas, disasters, saves, close-calls, creative approaches, YOU NAME IT.

    Present to panel of experts in front of your peers so that we might all learn. Presenters will need to send in angiograms in advance, along with a brief clinical synopsis. Panel moderators will select the cases that are most interesting, most spectacular, or make an important teaching point. If your case is selected, you will be expected to present and help discuss. Cases can be Coronary, Structural, or Endovascular (including arterial and venous).


    February 15, midnight ET

    Case format:
    5-8 minutes long PowerPoint presentation with embedded cines of procedure. Cases should be of high teaching value with unusual or unique aspects.

    How to Submit:
    Please submit your case in the format above online at https://scaionline.sharepoint.com/sites/publicdocs

    Please use the following login information:

    User ID = Public@scaionline.microsoftonline.com
    Password = Welcome2SCAI-001

    Please contact Lilly Sullivan Brotons at LSBrotons@scai.org for uploading instructions.

    Register for SCAI 2013

    Download the Preliminary Program

    More Information on SCAI 2013

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    Call for Nominations to SCAI Board of Trustees & Executive Committee

    SCAI is seeking nominations for the Board of Trustees (BOT) and other positions.

    PROCEDURE: SCAI encourages all members to send nominations to the Nominating Committee for consideration. You can nominate any SCAI Fellow (FSCAI) in good standing (including yourself if you wish). The Nominating Committee will then forward its recommendations to the BOT informationally, and to SCAI Fellows, Senior Fellows and Emeritus Fellows prior to the SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions this May in Orlando. All Fellows, Senior Fellows and Emeritus Fellows present at the SCAI Annual Business Meeting in Orlando will vote on these recommendations. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted during the business meeting.

    POSITIONS:  Nominations are solicited for the following positions:

    ·         Trustee:  Seven slots, for the term May 2013 – May 2016

    ·         Secretary:  One slot (member of the Executive Committee), for the term May 2013 – May 2014

    ·         Assistant Treasurer:  One slot, for the term May 2013 – May 2014

    ·         At-large Member of the Nominating Committee:  One slot, for the term May 2013 – May 2016

    This year's Nominating Committee consists of:

    Larry Dean, MD, FSCAI (Nominations Chair and Past President)

    Christopher J. White, MD, FSCAI (Nominations Co-chair and Immediate Past President)

    J. Jeffrey Marshall, MD, FSCAI (President)

    Ashok Seth, MD, FSCAI (at-large Nominating Committee member, May 2012 – May 2015)

    Thomas Jones, MD, FSCAI (at-large Nominating Committee member, May 2011 – May 2014)

    Alexandre Abizaid, MD, PhD, FSCAI (at-large Nominating Committee member, May 2011- May 2013)

    COMMITMENT: The BOT meets in person a minimum of three times a year; the EC meets twice monthly by conference call. Members of the BOT and Executive Committee are expected to attend all such meetings. Other communications (conference calls, list serve, etc) and meetings are scheduled as events warrant.

    ELIGIBILITY: Any Fellow (FSCAI) may be nominated to serve. If you would like to nominate someone, simply send an email with the person's name and your name to SCAI Executive Director Norm Linsky at nlinsky@scai.org and to Nominations Chair Dr. Larry Dean (lsdean@u.washington.edu). All nominations must be received by Friday, February 8, 2013. Thank you!

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