• September 21, 2012

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    SCAI President Discusses Interventional Cardiology's "ACE In the Hole"

    In his President’s Page published in the October issue of Catheterization & Cardiovascular Interventions, J. Jeffrey Marshall, M.D., FSCAI, offers one solution to several challenges currently facing interventional cardiology. In response to misunderstood clinical trial results, such as COURAGE, confusion about appropriate use criteria, especially the Uncertain and Inappropriate categories, as well as high-profile allegations of fraud and stent overuse, Dr. Marshall points to cath lab accreditation as one important way “to help our profession demonstrate, one cath lab at a time, that interventional cardiologists are delivering safe, appropriate care that meets predetermined benchmarks for quality.”

    Dr. Marshall points to his own cath lab’s experience with Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence, the independent review and accreditation organization launched by SCAI and the ACC Foundation to help cath lab teams assess their processes, documentation and outcomes and continually improve the care they deliver.  “ACE accreditation is ... a clear message to our patients, our colleagues, our hospitals, the media, and the government that we are doing the right thing for the patients we serve,” he writes, urging all interventional cardiologists to seek ACE accreditation for their cath labs. “If enough of us earn accreditation through ACE, it may truly be our ace in the hole, showing the world we are committed to quality.”

    Read Dr. Marshall’s President’s Page

    Learn More about ACE & Starting the Accreditation Process

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    Wall Street Journal Highlights How D2B Times Are Improving All the Time

    Every second counts in the rush to deliver angioplasty when a patient is suffering a STEMI heart attack, wrote Wall Street Journal columnist Laura Landro last week. She goes on to describe “the race” to shorten door-to-balloon times, thereby increasing the odds for survival and lessening damage to heart muscle. The column details minutes saved by, for example, using portable ECG machines in ambulances and having cardiologists onsite or within 20 minutes of the hospital. Among those quoted is Sahil Parikh, M.D., FSCAI, an editor of SecondsCount.org, SCAI’s public education website. He explains how patients often bypass the emergency department to go straight to the cath lab. “We always err on the side of caution because we don’t want to risk a heart attack, and most of the time we get it right,” he said.

    Read the Wall Street Journal article

    Check out www.SecondsCount.org

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    Download it Now! Preliminary Program for CTO Phoenix Now Online

    The preliminary program for SCAI's CTO Regional Program in Phoenix is now online.

    Organized by Program Co-chairs David E. Kandzari, MD, PhD, FSCAI and William L. Lombardi, MD, FSCAI, CTO Phoenix will offer an agenda providing an introduction to CTO to interventionalists, fellows-in-training and cardiac cath lab nurses and technicians, including the following topics:

    • Procedures;
    • Equipment;
    • Program development;
    • Consent issues;
    • Practical approaches; and
    • Resources for continued education in this area.

    All will take place Friday, January 19 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. Find out more about the accommodations.

    Download the Preliminary Program

    Register Now

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    Catch Up With All the Science Presented at SCAI 2012, Starting at Just $249

    Drawing record attendance and rave reviews, SCAI 2012 Scientific Sessions was IMPORTANT, INTENSE, INSPIRING, and a whole lot of FUN in Las Vegas. In other words, it was a can't-miss program.

    However, if you did miss it, you can still catch up with all the science, the debates, case reviews and clinical revelations with SCAI 2012 On Demand.

    Starting at just $249 for non-attendee members, SCAI 2012 On Demand captures all the educational content from SCAI 2012 Scientific Sessions, bringing you multimedia re-creations with audio synchronized with slides which can be viewed from your PC or laptop or on your iPhone or iPad while you are on the go. Content will be available through May 1, 2013.

    Purchase SCAI 2012 On Demand Now!

    Save the Date for SCAI 2013 in Orlando

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    Dr. Charles Chambers Discusses Imaging with Wall Street Journal

    This week SCAI Secretary Charles Chambers, M.D., FSCAI, talked with Wall Street Journal reporter Christopher Weaver about some of the challenges cardiologists face when they perform imaging studies on obese patients. Dr. Chambers explained why images tend to be less clear: “photons don't have a chance because they have to get through an enormous amount of tissue.”

    Read the Story, “The Plus-Size MRI Machine”

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    In Case You Missed It: SCAI-QIT Tip of the Month for September

    In case you missed it, earlier this week SCAI unveiled the latest tool in the SCAI Quality Improvement Toolkit (SCAI-QIT), a practical “tip” delivered directly to you every month to help you and your team enhance the quality of the care you deliver. Developed by SCAI’s Quality Improvement Committee, these tips come straight from the successes achieved by your interventional cardiology colleagues.  Each tip will be provided in brief in your email and will be linked to helpful resources, such as slides, video, and/or website content. We hope you will find the SCAI-QIT Tips of the Month helpful and invite your feedback, including tips you would like to share with the SCAI community. Email us at info@scai.org.

    September 2012 Tip of the Month:
    Be Proactive Regarding the AUC for Coronary Revascularization

    You may not agree with the philosophy or format – but the AUC have become a metric that is being scrutinized in this era of healthcare reform. Do you know the three most common clinical scenarios that result in an elective/non-acute PCI case being deemed INAPPROPRIATE? The majority occurs in patients with: 1- to 2-vessel non-LAD disease, mild or no angina, low-risk non-invasive ischemia findings, and lack of an optimal medical anti-anginal regimen.

    Download the Slide Deck of this Month's Tip
    The SCAI-QIT team has developed a slide deck to help you implement this month’s tip. Download it now!

    Employ the SCAI-QIT AUC App at Your Facility
    The recently developed SCAI-QIT AUC calculator is an excellent
    proactive resource to assure your institution’s compliance with
    AUC. Access the calculator at www.SCAI-QIT.org.


    The SCAI Quality Improvement Toolkit was developed with support from founding supporter Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. and Lilly USA, LLC and AstraZeneca. The Society gratefully acknowledges this support, while taking sole responsibility for all content developed and disseminated through this effort.

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    Dr. Osvaldo Gigliotti on Why YOU Should Apply for ELM Fellowship

    SCAI's Emerging Leader Mentorship (ELM) Program in formal partnership with ACC and CRF is now accepting applications for the next wave of interventional/invasive cardiology leaders during its 2013-15 cycle.

    The ELM Program is charged with finding a small, highly selective group of up-and-coming physicians (there are 10 openings for the 2013-2015 cycle) and facilitating their transition into the next generation of great thinkers, presenters, teachers and national leaders. ELM Fellows participate in six training sessions over a two year period, timed with the SCAI, TCT and ACC annual conferences, and will be assigned a mentor specifically chosen to match their interests and aspirations.

    Everyone Benefits!

    A critically important component of the ELM program, is that it also provides career advancement opportunities for applicants who aren't selected for the 10 fellowships. After the selection program is complete, the Program Committee will make personal calls to applicants who did not win a spot in the program, taking the time to understand their goals, aspirations, and talents, and then finding ways to channel their energy into SCAI and partnering organizations. Many of SCAI's brightest young leaders are ELM fellowship runner-ups! However, you can't get involved if you don't apply!

    Don't just take our word for it. Click on the above image to hear how ELM has helped open doors for Osvaldo Gigliotti, MD, FSCAI.

    Apply Today - The Application Deadline is November 15, 2012!

    Learn More about the ELM Program

    Follow the 2011-2013 ELM Fellows' Accomplishments!

    Find Out How All ELM Fellowship Applicants Benefit

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    Looking for a Guideline Document? Visit www.SCAI.org/Guidelines

    Looking for a guideline or expert consensus document? Be sure to visit SCAI's Clinical Guidelines and Resources Page at www.SCAI.org/Guidelines. The page lists guidelines and other documents that either have been developed by SCAI, or have been jointly produced, collaborated with, or endorsed by the Society. This includes recent guidelines and documents on PCI, transradial coronary and peripheral interventions, and more.

    Again, Simply Visit and Bookmark www.SCAI.org/Guidelines

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