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  • February 15, 2013

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    SCAI-WIN Chair: Begin Considering a Woman's Heart Health Much Earlier

    Speaking to Medpage Today, Roxana Mehran, MD, FSCAI, chair of SCAI’s Women in Innovations ("SCAI-WIN”) program, said “the time has now come” for healthcare providers to begin assessing women’s cardiovascular health much earlier than previous protocols have suggested, especially for women who experienced hypertension or certain complications during pregnancy.

    Dr. Mehran discussed new data published this week in Circulation as well as findings from a survey that WIN and Abbott’s Women’s Heart Health Initiative (WHHI) have been fielding in OB/GYN offices for 2 years. The latest survey findings, which Dr. Mehran presented at the 2012 American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions, found women who experienced preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or preterm birth tended to have more cardiovascular risk factors following pregnancy than women without a history of these complications. Now the authors of the study in Circulation have identified an independent link between high blood pressure during pregnancy and heart, kidney, and metabolic problems later in life, even if the hypertension did not reach the level of preeclampsia.

    For Dr. Mehran, these findings are a message to providers to pay attention to women’s heart health “much earlier in life, rather than waiting until disease develops.” She also cited AHA guidelines that recommend asking women about pregnancy complications while taking their history and viewing preeclampsia as roughly equivalent to a failed stress test.

    The take-away, she says, is that we need to begin following these women earlier and more closely to make sure they don’t get “lost in the shuffle.”

    Read the Medpage Today Story

    Learn More About WIN’s OB/GYN Screening Project

    Download the WIN-WHHI survey from SecondsCount.org

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    SCAI RAMP: Delivering Transradial Training Directly to Your Facility!

    Aimed at medical centers and multispecialty practices, SCAI's Radial Access Mentorship & Preceptorship (RAMP) Program delivers on-site, in-person transradial training from physicians with extensive transradial experience.

    No other society offers this type of education! SCAI RAMP advances how transradial intervention is taught by moving it beyond the classroom training approach and into your facility.

    Even better, as Program Director Adhir Shroff, MD, FSCAI points out, "RAMP offers a completely unbiased and brand-neutral education that is ideal for hospital administrators and physicians who agree that radial training is important to their institutions. And it's a good way to start a program off on the right foot."

    Developed as a means of continuing access to radial education and physician experts, RAMP picks up where the SCAI's TRIP program leaves off. "TRIP provides an outstanding education to physicians interested in implementing radial, and then RAMP keeps the momentum going by offering on-site procedural training for a full hospital team," said Dr. Shroff. "This type of training improves the likelihood that physicians and cath lab staff will adopt the radial approach and maintain a radial practice."

    Structured to maximize physician interaction, RAMP provides one day of didactic curriculum focusing on the basics of starting a transradial program combined with on-site proctorship during cases. These programs will provide a great opportunity for physicians to learn common technical aspects of the radial approach, particularly with regard to patient and lesion assessment and catheter selection. Learning from an expert in your home institution will provide just the right setting to gain full exposure to the opportunities and challenges with this approach.

    More Information on SCAI's RAMP Program

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    SCAI 2013: Your Best Coronary, Peripheral & SHD Cases Due Tonight

    Want to get more involved in SCAI 2013? Here's your chance, but you need to act quickly.

    The all-new i3 Session (Intervention, Interaction, and Input) at SCAI 2013 is making a final call for your great cases: therapeutic dilemmas, disasters, saves, close-calls, creative approaches, YOU NAME IT.

    Present before a panel of experts in front of your peers so that we might all learn. Presenters will need to send in angiograms in advance, along with a brief clinical synopsis. Panel moderators will select the cases that are most interesting, most spectacular, or make an important teaching point. If your case is selected, you will be expected to present and help discuss. Cases can be Coronary, Structural, or Endovascular (including arterial and venous).

    The submission deadline is midnight ET!

    How to Submit Your Case(s) for i3 Session at SCAI 2013

    Register Now for SCAI 2013!

    More Information About SCAI 2013

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    Hiring an Interventionalist? SCAI Job Bank Offering 15% Discounts

    The SCAI Job Bank (www.SCAI.org/Jobs) is the preeminent source for high quality jobs and candidates within invasive and interventional cardiology. The Career Center provides targeted, cost-effective access to qualified candidates throughout their entire careers.

    Employers benefit from:

    • Access to hundreds of invasive and interventional cardiologists
    • Personal customer support as well as a dedicated account manager
    • Custom tools to manage your job posting and organize hiring strategies
    • Advertising products that help extend your brand by reaching new audiences
    • Access to a deep resume database to contact candidates proactively

    With SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to post your ads to the SCAI Job Bank. Rapid increases in traffic, resume submissions, and online responses to job ads will be at their peak during the weeks preceding SCAI 2013 and throughout the conference. Take advantage of this window by posting any invasive and interventional cardiology ads you have to the SCAI Job Bank so they are active during the conference.

    As a benefit of membership SCAI members receive 15% off their job posting. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, simply call (888) 884-8242!

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    What's New @SecondsCount.org for CHD Awareness Week?

    SCAI continues to expand its public education website, SecondsCount.org, with new content across all areas of cardiovascular health. In recognition of Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week, Feb. 7-14, SecondsCount featured the following new articles:

    Also new to this site this week is a special sneak-preview of content soon to be posted on deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and chronic venous insufficiency: “Help for Varicose Veins and Spider Veins: Knowing Your Options” is the latest in the SecondsCount series of patient-friendly information sheets on hot topics.

    To stay up-to-date, follow SecondsCount on Facebook and on Twitter.

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    SCAI Executive Director Featured Speaker at Mended Hearts Meeting

    SCAI Executive Director Norm Linsky, was the featured speaker at the Heart Month gathering of National Capital Chapter (#94) of Mended Hearts, Inc. this past weekend. "When patients, families, doctors and friends work together, our ability to cope with heart disease is so much stronger," said Mr. Linsky. "SCAI is privileged to work with Mended Hearts as part of the team."

    SCAI’s partnership with Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts (MLH) dates back several years, including:

    • Collaboration on CathPack, the materials Mended Hearts-accredited visitors use when visiting cath and PCI patients;
    • Presentations by SCAI leaders at Mended Hearts National Conferences; and
    • Efforts to educate and inform the public about cardiovascular disease at SCAI’s Know What Counts / Heart Smarts programs and MLH’s recent webinar on transcatheter valve replacement in children.

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    It's Not Too Late to Join Society, Colleagues in #HeartMonth Activities

    Attention, SCAI members! It’s not too late to help highlight how interventional cardiologists save patients’ lives and enhance their quality of life. SCAI is leveraging the power of social media – specifically Twitter and Facebook -- to highlight how symptoms of cardiovascular disease led patients to seek heart care and experience successful outcomes, as delivered by SCAI members. For more information on this effort, click here.

    You can help by sharing your stories with us. Email Kathy David at kbdavid@scai.org to suggest a patient story we should feature.  

    Or just wear red! Take a photo of yourself sporting red for Heart Month and send it to kbdavid@scai.org. With your permission, we'll feature it on the SecondsCount.org Facebook page with a message about how you are helping heart patients.

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