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  • January 24, 2014

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    SCAI-PAC Report: Sen. Booker Learns About Coronary Interventions

    Last week SCAI-PAC Director Wayne Powell talked with newly elected Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) about how interventional cardiologists save patients’ hearts and often their lives. At a by-invite-only Meet & Greet, Mr. Powell and other physician PAC representatives talked with the new senator about issues that are affecting physicians’ ability to deliver optimal care to the nation’s patients. Among the topics they briefed him on: sustainable growth rate, physician payment reform, funding for graduate medical education.  

    Before this event, Sen. Booker was largely unaware of these pressing issues, some of which he will vote on in the next few months.

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    Interested in blogging? Send an email to Jeffrey Schussler, MD, FSCAI, or John P. Breinholt, MD, FSCAI, via kbdavid@SCAI.org.

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    Are There Too Many TAVR Programs? New Blog Explores This & More

    In a new blog hosted by Healio.com/Intervention and provided by SCAI, Molly Szerlip, M.D., FSCAI, considers the proliferation of TAVR programs, asking, “[H]ow do we continue to have TAVR programs that are high volume and high quality?” Dr. Szerlip is an interventional cardiologist at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano and the first blogger featured on Eye on Intervention.

    Working with Cardiology Today’s Intervention and Healio.com, SCAI launched Eye on Intervention to promote thoughtful discussion about topics on the minds of interventional cardiologists and other healthcare providers. Eye on Intervention will feature volunteers, all SCAI members, blogging about topics of their choice and offering their opinions, not those of the Society, the magazine, or the website.

    The value of the blog will depend in large part in the diversity of opinions it hosts and the conversations it hosts. Please join the conversation by posting your comments. In the debut blog, Dr. Szerlip invites your opinions on a number of questions concerning the optimal delivery of TAVR. We look forward to your comments.

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    Interested in blogging? Send an email to Jeffrey Schussler, MD, FSCAI, or John P. Breinholt, MD, FSCAI, via kbdavid@SCAI.org.

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    SCAI 2014: Cath Lab Boot Camp for Cath Lab Directors/Managers

    Attention, Cath Lab Directors and Managers!

    It's time to Gear Up for SCAI's Cath Lab Leadership Boot Camp at SCAI 2014, a unique two-morning, educational experience designed specifically to address the challenges faced by cath lab leaders face – as well as those who aspire to the role.

    The first morning session, on Wednesday May 28, will address the roles of the medical director and manager and also delve into common challenges, conflict resolution, and technology evaluation and integration. Registration is free for any attendee that wants to attend this Wednesday Boot Camp session, but advanced registration — separate from SCAI 2014 registration — is required.

    The second morning session, on Thursday May 29 is part of the overal SCAI 2014 program and will focus on issues physician directors may face, exploring administrative challenges, with an emphasis on quality and reporting. Experts will discuss the changing nature of the physician director’s job and offer strategies for successful negotiations and managing conflict resolution in the first session. Day 2 will also cover team-building, budgeting, and building a research program.

    Registration is Free for the Wednesday Session - Enroll Now!

    Watch Charles Chambers, MD, FSCAI Discuss this Unique Program

    View the Agendas for Both Cath Lab Leadership Boot Camp Sessions

    Register for SCAI 2014 Now! SCAI Members Save $300 Off Regular Tuition

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    SCAI 2014's C3 SUMMIT for Fellows-in-Training Accepting Applications

    If you can only attend one fellows course this year, make sure it’s the Best of the Best. Make sure it is SCAI 2014's C3 SUMMIT® for Interventional Fellows-in-Training!

    Made possible by various educational grants, SCAI is able to provide graduating interventional cardiology fellows-in-training in the U.S. and Canada with 1) Complimentary registration for the SCAI 2014 Scientific Sessions; 2) complimentary hotel accommodations during the SCAI 2014 and the C3 SUMMIT® (up to 3 nights, for the nights of May 29-31 only); and 3) lowest coach airfare to/from Las Vegas up to $500.

    Highlights Include:

    • Interactivity
      Explore and examine the most complex cases in interventional cardiology in an atmosphere that encourages rigorous exchange between today's experts and tomorrow's thought leaders.
    • Present Your Cases
      Present your case studies capturing the challenges and strategies implemented to improve patient care.
    • A Faculty of Today's Leading Figures in Interventional Cardiology
      Participate in in-depth discussion panels led by prominent faculty from around the country.

    Space is Limited - APPLY NOW!

    Learn More About the C3 SUMMIT® for Interventional Fellows at SCAI 2014

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    Society Calls for Safety Considerations in State Legislation on Biosimilars

    Last week SCAI and its Alliance of Specialty Medicine partners weighed in on bills in Washington State regarding the treatment of patients with biosimilar versions of existing biologic medicines.

    In a letter supporting Washington House Bill 2326 and Senate Bill 6091, the Alliance lauds the bills for addressing key policy issues to ensure patient safety is preserved, including ensuring that once biosimilars come to market the treating physician may require a prescription be dispensed as written and that if substitution is permitted, the physician be notified in a timely manner.

    The practice of automatic substitution that is seen with generic drugs is not entirely appropriate for
    biosimilar products given that they are not simply "generic" versions of biologics. The Alliance is pointing out to state senators and representatives that the notification and record keeping in HB 2326/SB 6091 will be very important once biosimilars are available because it will ensure accurate patient records are maintained and allow for accurate attribution of any adverse events that may occur.

    Read the Comment Letter

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    Call for Nominations to SCAI Board of Trustees & Executive Committee

    SCAI is seeking nominations for the Board of Trustees (BOT) and other positions.

    PROCEDURE: SCAI encourages all members to send nominations to the Nominating Committee for consideration. You can nominate any SCAI Fellow (FSCAI) in good standing (including yourself if you wish). The Nominating Committee will then forward its recommendations to the BOT informationally, and to SCAI Fellows, Senior Fellows and Emeritus Fellows prior to the SCAI 2014 Scientific Sessions this May in Las Vegas. All Fellows, Senior Fellows and Emeritus Fellows present at the SCAI Annual Business Meeting in Las Vegas will vote on these recommendations. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted during the business meeting.

    POSITIONS:  Nominations are solicited for the following positions:

    1. Trustee:  Three slots, for the term May 2014 – May 2017
    2. Secretary:  One slot (member of the Executive Committee), for the term May 2014 - May 2015
    3. Treasurer: One slot (member of the Executive Committee), for the term May 2014 - May 2020
    4. At-large Member of the Nominating Committee: One slot, for the term May 2014 - May 2017

    This year's Nominating Committee consists of:

    • Christopher J. White, MD, FSCAI (Nominations Chair and Past President)
    • J. Jeffrey Marshall, MD, FSCAI (Nominations Co-chair and Immediate Past President)
    • Ted A. Bass, MD, FSCAI (President)
    • Tyrone Collins, MD, FSCAI (at-large Nominating Committee member, May 2013 – May 2016)
    • Ashok Seth, MD, FSCAI (at-large Nominating Committee member, May 2012 – May 2015)
    • Thomas Jones, MD, FSCAI (at-large Nominating Committee member, May 2011– May 2014)

    COMMITMENT: The BOT meets in person a minimum of three times a year; the Executive Committee meets twice monthly by conference call. Members of the BOT and Executive Committee are expected to attend all such meetings. Other communications (conference calls, list serve, etc) and meetings are scheduled as events warrant.

    ELIGIBILITY: Any Fellow (FSCAI) in good standing may be nominated to serve. If you would like to nominate someone, simply send an email with the person's name and your name to SCAI Executive Director Norm Linsky at nlinsky@scai.org and to Nominations Chair Dr. Christopher White (cwhite@ochsner.org). All nominations must be received by Friday, February 7, 2014. Thank you!

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