• June 28, 2013

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    SCAI Urges CMS to Clarify Criteria for Inpatients vs. Outpatients

    In response to CMS’ 2014 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems proposed rule, SCAI submitted comments on Tuesday urging CMS to more fully develop and detail the “two-midnight” rule being proposed in regards to the Admission and Medical Review for Hospital Inpatient Services. The Society is concerned that CMS’ proposal to routinely classify patient stays crossing less than two midnights as outpatient will likely have a significant negative impact on a significant number of patients.

    SCAI advised CMS, “Addressing extended observation status should not come at the financial expense of patients receiving intensive short-stay care (i.e., greater than 23 hours, but less than two midnights) who have traditionally been classified as inpatient. As proposed, a significant number of patients receiving urgent treatment for myocardial infarction could be reclassified as “outpatient”. It is highly unlikely that patients will understand that the treatment they’ve received for their heart attack is an outpatient procedure: patients in a hospital bed overnight almost always think of themselves as inpatients, particularly when they have received an intensive level of services, such as that associated with myocardial infarction.”

    SCAI also provided notice of support for a New Tech DRG Add-on payment for the Zilver® PTXR Drug Eluting Stent and SCAI again urged CMS to reassign code 35.97 (Percutaneous mitral valve repair with implant) to MS-DRGs: 216-221, finding these DRGs to be more similar in regards to clinical homogeneity and hospital resource use than the current DRG assignment which results in an inadequate level of reimbursement for this new technology.

    Read SCAI's Comments in Their Entirety

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    CCI: Discussing July Editor's Choice on Long-term Benefits of CTO

    The July 2013 issue of Catheterization & Cardiovascular Interventions (CCI) is now available online. Headlining this issue is the Editor's Choice article, "Effects of percutaneous revascularization of chronic total occlusions on clinical outcomes: A meta-analysis comparing successful versus failed percutaneous intervention for chronic total occlusion."

    CCI Editor-in-Chief Steven R. Bailey, MD, FSCAI recently discussedwith lead author Muhammad Khan, MD, the study's findings that successful PCI recanalization of a CTO appears to be associated with improved long-term clinical outcomes in comparison to conservative management (as a result of failed intervention). Click here to view this discussion

    If you have an interest in CTO, be sure not to miss the accompanying editorial comments by Samuel Butman, MD, FSCAI as well as an original study looking at the launch of a single-center CTO program and its procedural, clinical, and cost utilization outcomes. Not to be missed is fascinating conversation amongst some of the largest names in the field on whether FFR and IVUS should be counted as PCI?

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    Mastering FFR-IVUS Online Curriculum Launches June Module

    SCAI’s Mastering FFR-IVUS Online Curriculum has launched its new module for June, "Clinical Applications of FFR: DEFER, FAME I and FAME II in Review," presented by Allen Jeremias, MD, FSCAI. This presentation focuses on understanding classification of Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC); understanding how FFR fits into concept of AUC; and conceptualizing functional vs. anatomic coronary revascularization.

    Like other courses in SCAI's growing eLearning Library, the FFR/IVUS course material is a complimentary benefit available to all SCAI members. CME credit will be available for purchase after all of the modules have been released. This latest addition to the Society's menu of online educational offerings features an all-new twist: the release of a new curriculum module every month.

    Program Director Morton Kern, MD, FSCAI and Course Co-Director Allen Jeremias, MD, FSCAI have designed the course to ensure learners master the curriculum and build on competencies as they are introduced. This monthly release schedule will also allow for flexibility to continuously enhance the program while ensuring the content remains both current and comprehensive.

    Access the June Module Now!

    More Information on SCAI's Mastering FFR-IVUS Online Curriculum

    Visit the SCAI eLearning Library

    This program is supported by Volcano. The Society gratefully acknowledges this support, while taking sole responsibility for all content developed and disseminated through this effort.

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    National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Focuses on SCAI

    SCAI is featured in this month’s Member Spotlight of the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to provide leadership and encourage collaborative action among organizations committed to heart disease and stroke prevention. The National Forum quotes SCAI Executive Director Norm Linsky discussing the Society’s focus on data-driven quality improvement and public education about cardiovascular disease, both aimed at improving patient outcomes.

    In his remarks, Mr. Linsky stressed the value that both SCAI and the National Forum place on a collaborative approach for tackling – and ultimately defeating – cardiovascular disease. Citing SCAI’s partnership with organizations throughout the world on initiatives such as Know What Counts / Heart Smarts programs and Women in Innovations, he said, ”A major challenge of preventing, treating, and diagnosing heart disease is that it absolutely requires many organizations working together. We all need to find new and innovative ways to work together to address heart disease.”

    Read the National Forum Spotlight on SCAI

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    SCAI Offering Newest Interventionalists 50% Off Membership

    SCAI congratulates all interventionalists-in-training who have completed their interventional cardiology fellowship training program!

    The Society recognizes this is an exciting time in your career, a time when opportunities may be plentiful but resources limited. It may also be the point in your career when you most need to be part of a community, a member of an organization whose members share your values and your goals and which is physician-led by doctors, for doctors.

    With that said, SCAI is offering 50% first year's dues for all new interventionalists!

    Details on This Offer & How It Can Help YOU Launch Your Career

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    Invest 3 Days in Your Future at ACCF/SCAI Board Review Course!

    Invest three days in your future and you will be prepared for board certification and receive a robust, relevant update on the daily challenges of a dynamic interventional cardiology practice. Come to breath-taking Amelia Island, Florida, August 16-18, 2013, for the ACCF/SCAI Premier Interventional Cardiology Overview and Board Preparatory Course, and you will get what you need:

    • Confidence that you can pass your boards and keep current with the latest science
    • Focused sessions that sharpen your knowledge
    • Multiple opportunities to test your skills and fill knowledge gaps
    • Skills to improve patient outcomes
    • Maintenance of (MOC) requirement information

    Course directors Joseph D. Babb, MD, FSCAI and Frederick Welt, MD, MSc, FSCAI have assembled the best interventional cardiology Board review course available, held in the perfect destination for both you and your entire family – Amelia Island. We hope to see you in August!

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