• April 5, 2013

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    SCAI 2013: Advance Registration & Hotel Discounts End at Midnight

    The Extended Advance Registration Deadline is Midnight!

    If you can only attend one interventional/invasive cardiology education meeting this year, shouldn't it be the Best of the Best? Shouldn't it be SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions?

    REGISTER NOW to join us for a celebration of 36 Years of the Best of the Best in Interventional and Invasive Cardiology Education. No other interventional education program matches SCAI's focus on quality improvement in the cath lab as well as bringing you emerging trends in research and helping you apply it to clinical practice, all in an intimate learning environment of fellow interventionalists.

    SCAI 2013 Highlights Include:

    Beat the Clock! Register Now & Save $350 Off Regular, Nonmember Tuition

    Be Sure to Reserve Your Room at the Peabody Orlando Right Away!

    Additional Information on SCAI 2013

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    Spring Newsletter: House Leaders Seek Society Input on SGR, More

    SCAI's visibility and creditability with policymakers is quickly on the rise. Need some indicators? The Society was recently one of only two cardiology organizations invited to meetings on Capitol Hill to discuss a draft proposal to replace the sustainable growth rate (SGR). Republican leaders in the House of Representatives released a draft outline of the their plans for replacing the SGR, and SCAI was asked to provide input on a number of issues, including pay-for-quality initiatives. Found out more about this other Society activities on the Hill in the Spring Issue of SCAI News & Highlights, now online!

    Other features in this issue include lessons learned from one hospital's use of SCAI-QIT to achieve ACE accreditation, Peter Duffy, MD, FSCAI shares his tips for successful negotiation of hospital employment, and a look at the launch of the second phase of the SCAI-WIN OB/GYN patient screening project.

    Also, did we mention this was the SCAI 2013 Preview issue? Found out more about the all-new opening session and its special guest speaker as well as new sessions that break the mold and a whole lot more!

    Download the Spring Issue of SCAI News & Highlights Now!

    Read the Article on SCAI's Recent Activities on Capitol Hill

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    Kudos to Lawrence General Hospital for Achieving ACE Accreditation

    Please join SCAI in congratulating the administration, physicians, nurses, techs, staff and Cath Lab Director Seth Bilazarian, MD, FSCAI at Lawrence General Hospital for becoming the first cardiac catheterization laboratory in the New England region to achieve ACE Accreditation, being recognized for excellence in both PCI and Diagnostic Catheterization.

    "This is the first facility in New England, the first in Massachusetts, and the first facility without onsite surgery doing PCI," said ACE Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Weiner, MD, MSEC, MBA, FSCAI. "All of this points to the fact that quality transcends differences in geography and facility size/type and that every Cath lab should be looking to do this."

    Are you ready to take your cath lab from good to great? If you're committed to achieving the highest standards for your patients, then it's time to pursue ACE Accreditation.

    Find Out More About ACE and Sign Up for Accreditation

    Don't Miss the Quality Improvement Track at SCAI 2013

    Tweet? Follow Dr. Bilazarian @DrSethb

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    CTO Atlanta a Great Tool for FITs Looking to Stand Out From the Crowd

    Looking to stand out from the crowd?

    If you're an interventionalist-in-training graduating this spring/summer, SCAI CTO Atlanta course on June 15 is the perfect way to pick up a critical skill at the perfect time.

    This is a great way to increase your value in comparison to other graduating interventionalists as this is a skill not traditionally taught in fellowships. Additionally, you'll be learning from a faculty of the top names in CTO, including program chairs David Kandzari, MD, FSCAI and William Lombard, MD, FSCAI.

    It's also great timing as this is a one-day course taking place just as your training is coming to completion. In a training program outside the area? Atlanta is an easy destination to fly in and out from.

    Don't Wait! Register Now

    Find Out More and Review the Agenda

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    SCAI 2013: Don't Miss a Minute of SCAI 2013 With On Demand

    We've all faced the same dilemma when two or three or even four outstanding sessions are being presented simultaneously. SCAI 2013 On Demand solves this problem by allowing you to view slides and listen to audio from sessions you missed. If you are planning on registering for SCAI 2013 be sure to upgrade to Premium Registration which includes a FREE subscription to SCAI 2013 On Demand for only an additional $100.

    • Waiting at the airport?
      No problem. Login to SCAI 2013 On Demand content via the SCAI 2013 iPhone app or view it on your laptop.
    • Want to catch up while you are on-site in Orlando?
      No problem. Edited content will be pushed out within 24 hours of the presentation, and unedited content even sooner.
    • Want to access the content from your office or home?
      Again, no problem. SCAI 2013 On Demand provides you 24/7 access for up to a year after SCAI 2013.

    Bottom line: we don't want you to miss a session at SCAI 2013! Upgrading to premium registration ensures you won't.

    Take Advantage of Premium Registration at a Discounted Price Today!

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    Help Our Specialty By Contributing Your Expertise to a SCAI Committee

    SCAI is calling on membership to lend your expertise to a SCAI Committee.

    Right now is the perfect time to join. SCAI Committees will be meeting at SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions. Remember, SCAI's unique open-door policy means that every SCAI member is invited to attend the committee meetings of their choice. No formal appointments, no need to RSVP. Just take a look at the schedule and see what interests you. Then come check it out!

    View the Schedule of SCAI Committee Meetings

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    #SCAI2013: Tweet About the Sessions You are Looking Forward To

    Many of you are making plans to attend SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions in Las Vegas, May 9-12. If you're not, you should be. Let the Twitter universe know what sessions you are looking forward to and don't forget to use the hashtag #SCAI2013.

    New to Twitter? On Twitter, you can keep up with the latest news from your friends, news sources, organizations and business, while sharing updates in 140 characters or less.

    Physicians, healthcare providers, other heart health groups and more are using Twitter to keep up on SCAI's latest clinical news and activities. SCAI is closing in on 1500 followers on Twitter! Let's keep the momentum going. If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow us @SCAI.

    Visit SCAI's Twitter Page!

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