• June 14, 2013

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    SCAI President Dr. Ted Bass Delivers Keynote at Mended Hearts Meeting

    Educated Patients Lead to Better Care. That’s the philosophy behind SecondsCount.org and all of SCAI’s public education programs. It’s also at the heart of SCAI’s ongoing partnership with Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts, patient support groups whose members are always on the lookout for new information they can use to improve their own health and share with heart disease patients they visit in hospitals across the United States.

    At the Mended Hearts Annual Conference last week, Mended Hearts members soaked up information delivered by patients and healthcare providers alike, including SCAI’s 2013-14 President, Ted A. Bass, MD, FSCAI. Delivering the keynote address to a packed room, Dr. Bass focused on three new research areas with potential to dramatically advance cardiovascular care:  transcatheter aortic valve replacement, cell therapy for refractory angina, and bioabsorbable stents. "Death from cardiovascular disease has declined significantly," he said. "Some of this progress is a result of what you are doing with healthy lifestyle choices, and some of it is from what we are doing with progress in treatment."

    Also featured at the Mended Hearts conference was SCAI Credentials Committee Co-chair Jeffrey Cavendish, MD, FSCAI, who discussed "Living with Afib."  Dr. Cavendish divides his time between the cath lab and a busy clinical practice, about half of which involves treating atrial fibrillation, which now affects nearly 6 million people in the United States. "There is substantial variability in how patients live with atrial fibrillation," said Dr. Cavendish, "which is why part of my job as a cardiologist is to work with each patient on an individualized care plan. With some patients, the focus might be on medications to control the heart rate, while with others it might be cardioversions or ablations." 

    More on SCAI's Participation at Mended Hearts Annual Conference

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    Invest 3 Days in Your Future at ACCF/SCAI Board Review Course!

    Invest three days in your future and you will be prepared for board certification and receive a robust, relevant update on the daily challenges of a dynamic interventional cardiology practice. Come to Amelia Island, Florida, August 16-18, 2013, for the ACCF/SCAI Premier Interventional Cardiology Overview and Board Preparatory Course, and you will get what you need:

    • Confidence that you can pass your boards and keep current with the latest science
    • Focused sessions that sharpen your knowledge
    • Multiple opportunities to test your skills and fill knowledge gaps
    • Skills to improve patient outcomes
    • Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirement information

    The best interventional cardiology board review course available, held in the perfect destination for both you and your entire family, Amelia Island. We hope to see you in August!

    Register Today!

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    SCAI 2013 On Demand: The Latest on FFR, TAVR, CTO & More

    Looking for a focused online learning opportunity in Renal Denervation, FFR, TAVR, CTO or TRI?

    How about an online learning program which focuses on all of these?

    SCAI 2013 On Demand allows users to immerse themselves in all of these topics and more, capturing all the educational content from SCAI 2013 Scientific Sessions*, bringing you multimedia re-creations with audio synchronized with slides which can be viewed from your PC or laptop or on your iPhone or iPad while you are on the go. This includes programming from SCAI 2013's Transradial Mini-symposia, CTO Mini-symposia, TAVR Mini-symposia, and other sessions focusing on renal denervation, FFR and more!

    The best part? The price, starting at just $249 for non-attendee members.

    Purchase it Now!

    Browse Sessions Available on SCAI 2013 On Demand

    SCAI cannot guarantee 100% of sessions will be made available in SCAI 2013 On Demand

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    SCAI Offering Newest Interventionalists 50% Off Membership

    SCAI wants to express its congratulations to all interventionalists-in-training who will complete their interventional cardiology fellowship training program this month!

    The Society recognizes this is an exciting time in your career, a time when opportunities may be plentiful but resources limited. It may also be the point in your career when you most need to be part of a community, a member of an organization whose members share your values and your goals and which is physician-led by doctors, for doctors.

    With that said, SCAI is offering 50% first year's dues for all new interventionalists!

    Details on This Offer & How It Can Help YOU Launch Your Career

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    RAMP Program Delivers Transradial Training Directly to Your Facility

    Aimed at medical centers and multispecialty practices, SCAI's Radial Access Mentorship & Preceptorship (RAMP) Program delivers on-site, in-person transradial training from physicians with extensive transradial experience.

    No other society offers this type of education! SCAI RAMP advances how transradial intervention is taught by moving it beyond the classroom training approach and into your facility.

    Even better, as Program Director Adhir Shroff, MD, FSCAI points out, "RAMP offers a completely unbiased and brand-neutral education that is ideal for hospital administrators and physicians who agree that radial training is important to their institutions. And it's a good way to start a program off on the right foot."

    Developed as a means of continuing access to radial education and physician experts, RAMP picks up where the SCAI's TRIP program leaves off. "TRIP provides an outstanding education to physicians interested in implementing radial, and then RAMP keeps the momentum going by offering on-site procedural training for a full hospital team," said Dr. Shroff. "This type of training improves the likelihood that physicians and cath lab staff will adopt the radial approach and maintain a radial practice."

    Structured to maximize physician interaction, RAMP provides one day of didactic curriculum focusing on the basics of starting a transradial program combined with on-site proctorship during cases. These programs will provide a great opportunity for physicians to learn common technical aspects of the radial approach, particularly with regard to patient and lesion assessment and catheter selection. Learning from an expert in your home institution will provide just the right setting to gain full exposure to the opportunities and challenges with this approach.

    More Information on SCAI's RAMP Program

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