• Pediatric SCAI-QIT

    Launched at SCAI 2014, the Pediatric SCAI Quality Improvement Toolkit (Pediatric SCAI-QIT), is an extension of SCAI's successful SCAI-QIT for cath labs.

    An estimated 1 in 110 babies is born with a congenital heart disease. New interventional treatments are extending lives and enhancing the quality of life for children living with the disease. These rapidly evolving advancements also are driving a need for quality tools specific to pediatric interventional cardiology.

    This is where the Pediatric SCAI-QIT comes in.

    Pediatric SCAI-QIT includes four modules: Procedural Quality, Catheterization Conferences, Procedural Checklists and Radiation Safety. Each module provides a specific and detailed bibliography of resources on pediatric care, numerous web links for easy access to online resources, information on and access to registries, and benchmarking information.

    The toolkit will be continuously updated by a team of physician authors to ensure the latest quality standards are included, with additional modules expected to capture the growth of the field. The goal of each module is to stimulate thought and generate action from all team members within each cath lab in order to positively affect patient outcomes.


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    Date: March 18 at 1 PM ET
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    Download the Following SCAI Pediatric QIT Modules