• Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) impacts more than 10 million patients in the United States alone, yet is woefully underdiagnosed and associated with high long-term mortality rates.

    The SCAI PAD Diagnosis and Treatment Resource Center is an ongoing patient-centered, quality improvement initiative focused on helping increase PAD awareness in the cardiovascular community by delving into the underlying risks of this disease state.

    The collection of modules below aims to improve the management and outcomes for PAD patients by providing a comprehensive review of “PAD 101,” including discussions of emerging data for secondary prevention in stable PAD and case-based presentations to understand when to refer PAD patients for invasive therapies.

    Module 1: PAD 101
    (Scope, prevalence, anatomy, risk factors, classifications/clinical presentations – lower extremity disease, carotid disease, AAA, renal artery disease, etc.)
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    Module 2: PAD Diagnosis
    (Appropriate screening, non-invasive testing)

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    Module 3: PAD Medical Therapy
    (Appropriate counseling, lifestyle changes, exercise, and medical therapy, outcomes)

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    Module 4: PAD Invasive Therapy
    (When to refer for invasive revascularization, select trial data on BMS, DES, DCB, SCAI PAD device selection clinical guideline documents)

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    Module 5: PAD Care Coordination
    (Long-term follow-up recommendations, coordination with wound clinic, primary care, podiatrist, vascular surgery, exercise rehab, outcomes: quality of life, walking distance, amputation)
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    The SCAI PAD Diagnosis & Treatment Resource Center is supported by Janssen. SCAI gratefully acknowledges this support, while taking sole responsibility for all content developed and disseminated through this effort.