• Benefits of SCAI Membership

    Representing over 4,300 interventional and invasive cardiologist members in over 70 countires, SCAI's mission is to promote excellence in invasive and interventional cardiovascular medicine through physician education and representation, and the advancement of quality standards to enhance patient care.

    Among the benefits of membership are:

    • Free subscription to Catheterization & Cardiovascular Interventions journal

    • FSCAI Designation: Who knew five simple letters could say so much. The Fellow of SCAI (FSCAI) designation tells your patients, colleagues, and hospital that you're an expert in the field with extensive education, training, and practice-based experience.

    • Education Discounts: SCAI members receive substantial discounts for all SCAI education programs, including SCAI Annual Scientific Sessions and the society's online CME offerings. The member discount for SCAI Scientific Sessions alone is $300!

    • Advocacy: SCAI advocates on your behalf on regulatory and reimbursement issues at all levels of government and the private sector in the U.S. Learn about SCAI's most recent advocacy efforts on your behalf!

    • Networking: From access to its online membership directory, numerous leadership opportunities, and its soon-to-be-launched member community, SCAI is THE place to interact with your peers in invasive and interventional cardiology.

    • Much, Much More: We haven't even mentioned the society's public relations and patient education efforts on your behalf, SCAI's Job Bank or discount program on Wiley-Blackwell titles, and many other member benefits. View the full list below of how SCAI is working for YOU and the interventional and invasively cardiology profession!

    Although there are many reasons to join SCAI, none can be more important than better patient care. From guidelines to education to peer interaction, SCAI provides you with the resources you need to better serve your patients.

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    SCAI Educates & Informs


    Continuing Medical Education 

    SCAI’s educational programs consistently receive the highest evaluations for quality and relevance to clinical practice. As a member you receive discounted registration to SCAI’s Annual Scientific Sessions and regional/subject-specific programs, as well as a free subscription to Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions Journal.


    24/7 eLearning Library

    SCAI’s online library offers around-the-clock access to a diverse selection of educational resources. Most courses are available free of charge to SCAI members.


    SCAI Advocates for You


    Advocacy & Representation

    As the principle advo­cate for invasive/interventional cardiologists and your patients, SCAI is a strong and growing voice on your behalf on all fronts.  SCAI has always advocated on your behalf, but as the challenges have grown, so too has SCAI’s voice stressing the importance of fair reimbursement and the physician’s freedom to determine the best possible care for patients.  SCAI works daily with legislators, regulators and administrators at all levels of government and the private sector to improve the legislative and regulatory environ­ment and to ensure patient access to appropriate, quality care. In the recent past, for example, SCAI has ...

    • Persuaded the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) not to implement threatened 20 percent Medicare payment cuts for diagnos­tic cardiac catheterization procedures in 2012;
    • Obtained improvements in all-cause re-admission and mortality measures for PCI;
    • Obtained coverage and reimbursement for new interventional therapies;
    • Convinced a local Medicare carrier to expand indications for percutaneous ventricular assist devices;
    • Played a key role in CMS’s 2010 decision to recognize the increased intensity and risk for invasive and interventional cardiology services resulting in an increase in the malpractice component of the Medicare physician payment rates for these services;
    • Set the record straight on the number of PCI procedures per­formed annually  (it is half the number previously – and erroneously --  reported by AHA and thus less of a target for budget cutters);
    • Advocated with the House of Medicine on issues impacting patients’ access to affordable cardiovascular care; and
    • Worked at the state level to counter threats to your ability to determine the best possible care for your patients.


    This is a difficult yet vitally important area, one where your involvement and support continues to be critically needed.


    SCAI Defines Standards & Provides Tools


    Setting Standards for Quality

    SCAI has authored, co-authored or endorsed more than 30 official clinical documents (clinical guidelines, consensus statements, training standards, and performance measures) in the very recent past, ensuring that those documents reflect your voice and your expert judgment as to the what constitutes best practices in invasive/interventional cardiology.


    SCAI Quality Improvement Toolkit (SCAI QIT) 

    SCAI QIT is SCAI’s newest program to show that your profession is committed to providing the highest quality care.  SCAI QIT was designed to give you the tools to promote and demonstrate continuous quality improvement (CQI) in the cath lab. Featured tools focus on: guidelines; inventory management; peer review conferences; data collection; random case selection; pre-procedure checklists; national database participation; and much more. To date nearly 250 cath labs have enrolled in the SCAI QIT program, each with an SCAI-trained Quality Champion leading the way.


    SCAI Grows Patient & Public Awareness


    SCAI’s robust media relations initiatives provide balance and perspective on breaking news stories, while SCAI’s regional public education programs and patient-education website SecondsCount.org, provide invaluable information to help patients be better informed partners in their care.


    More information about these and SCAI’s many other programs on your behalf can be found here:






    Thank you for supporting your professional Society!