• FFR-IVUS Curriculum

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    01. Fundamentals of Coronary Pressure and Flow Derivation of FFR

    Morton J. Kern, MD, FSCAI

    02. Technique, Pitfalls and Artifacts of FFR

    Morton J. Kern, MD, FSCAI

    03. Fundamentals of Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging

    Morton J. Kern, MD, FSCAI

    04. Technique, Artifacts, Image Interpretation

    Morton J. Kern, MD, FSCAI

    05. Clinical Applications: DEFER, FAME I and FAME II

    Allen Jeremias, MD, FSCAI

    06. Clinical Applications: Lesion Characterization, Stent Apposition, Vessel Sizing

    John McB. Hodgson, MD, FSCAI

    07. Clinical Applications: Left Main, Ostial, Jailed Branch, Serial Lesions

    Luis Gruberg, MD, FSCAI

    08. Clinical Applications: IVUS: Left main, ostial and jailed branches, and stent complications

    John McB. Hodgson, MD

    09. Appropriate Use Criteria and the Use of FFR and IVUS

    Allen Jeremias, MD, FSCAI

    10. Guidelines, Appropriate Use Criteria and FFR – Concept of Functional Coronary Revascularization

    Allen Jeremias, MD, MSc, FSCAI
    Course Description
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    The FFR-IVUS Online Curriculum is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of FFR-IVUS through the following learning objectives:

    1. Understand the fundamentals of intravascular ultrasound and coronary pressure for use during diagnostic and interventional coronary procedures
    2. Review basic images and pressure tracings demonstrating normal and abnormal findings and artifacts
    3. Appreciate the clinical studies for the application and indications of IVUS and FFR
    4. Examine the AHA/ACC/SCAI Guidelines and Appropriate use Criteria for IVUS and FFR

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