• SCAI CTO Bootcamp at EDUCARE Mastering the Complex in Asia-Pacific

    Sunday, March 6, 2016 | 8:15 AM - 1:00 PM

    Hong Kong

    For more information on the Master the Complex Course, please contact Jason Kim at Jason.Kim@BSCI.com or view the full agenda.

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    Chronic Total Occlusion

    • Chairpersons: Dr. Yasumi Igarashi; Dr. Bill Lombardi
    • Co-chair: Dr. Chen Jiyen
    • Panelists: Dr. Aaron Wong; Dr. James Sapontis; Dr. Eugene Wu; Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram
    8:15 AM SCAI Opening / Patient Video Dr. Charles Chambers
    8:25 AM Session Objectives Dr. Aaron Wong
    8:30 AM Indications for CTO Recanalization: Appropriate Use Criteria and Guideline
    • The Key to CTO Crossing Success
    Dr. Bill Lombardi
    8:45 AM Case Presentation 13 Dr. Zening Jin
    8:55 AM Discussion and Audience Interaction
    9:10 AM Techniques and Outcomes of CTO
    • Techniques Needed for Various CTO Approach and the Practical Tips and Tricks to Prevent Complications.
    • Breaking the Proximal Cap: Advanced Approaches
    • Factors Influencing Decision-Making in Treating a Coronary CTO
    • Successfully Exploring the Sub-Intimal Space
    Dr. Bill Lombardi
    9:35 AM Case Presentation 14 Dr. Osama Elkhateeb
    9:45 AM Discussion and Audience Interaction
    10:00 AM Case Presentation 15 Dr. Bin Zhang
    10:10 AM Discussion and Audience Interaction
    10:20 AM Key Note for CTO Management Dr. Chen Jiyen
     10:25 AM Coffee Break


    • Chairperson: Dr. Michael Lee
    • Co-Chair : Prof. Eric Eeckhout
    • Panelist: Dr. A B Mehta
    10:45 AM Session Objectives Dr. Michael Lee
    10:50 AM Master Imaging in Complex PCI
    • Going from Angio to Using Both Angio and IVUS
    • Case Examples of Where IVUS Would Have Provided Benefits
    Dr. Shinjo Sonoda
    11:15 AM Imaging in Complex Lesions
    • Role of IVUS in CTO
    • Role of IVUS in Calcified Lesions
    Prof. Kang Soo Jin
    11:40 AM Case Presentation 16 Dr. Yuki Ishibashi
    11:55 AM Discussion and Audience Interaction
    12:10 PM Case Presentation 17 Dr. Jun Jiang
    12:20 PM Discussion and Audience Interaction
    12:35 PM Key Learnings Dr. A. B. Mehta
    12:40 PM Closing / Lunch Dr. Michael Lee; Dr. Keith Dawkins