• SCAI Quality Symposium and Fellows Course at NIC Midterm Meet 2014

    Friday, April 25 - 28, 2014


    SCAI is partnering with the National Interventional Council of the Cardiological Society of India to present the SCAI Back to Basics Fellows Course at NIC Midterm Meet in Kochi on April 25-27.

    This course is not only directed to those just beginning to develop their training in Interventional Cardiology, but also for Early Career Interventional Cardiologists seeking education from leaders in the specialty. Recognizing that formal training opportunities in interventional cardiology are not as prevalent in India as elsewhere in the world, SCAI and NIC leaders have tailored a course with:

    • A strong focus on hardware;
    • An emphasis on teaching correct techniques to perform simple procedures;
    • Discussion of day to day problems (rather than rare difficulties);
    • Strategies to anticipate , prevent and manage common complications that might not have seen in low-volume cath labs; and Case-based presentations.

    While the three-day course will primarily focus on coronary interventions (including bifurcation, multivessel, left main, and CTO) topics in peripheral and structural interventions will also be covered. The SCAI faculty will consist of past SCAI presidents Michael Cowley, MD, FSCAI and Jeff Marshall, MD, FSCAI as well as Ramesh Daggubati, MD, FSCAI, Kirk Garratt, MD, FSCAI, John Reilly, MD, FSCAI, and Fellows of SCAI (FSCAI) based in India. All attendees will receive a year free of International Associate membership in SCAI, including online access to the society’s official journal, Catheterization & Cardiovascular Interventions (CCI).

    The course’s ultimate goal? To improve the quality of interventional cardiology care throughout India.

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