• SCAI Quality Symposium at CIT 2014

    Thursday, March 20 - 23, 2014


    US and Chinese Interventionalists to Discuss Quality in the Cath Lab at SCAI Symposium at CIT 2014

    A cross-cultural exchange of perspectives and solutions on quality improvement in the cardiac catheterization lab (CCL) will take place during SCAI’s Quality Symposium at the China Interventional Therapeutics (CIT) 2014 in Partnership with TCT in Shanghai next week.

    Moderated by two internationally known names in the interventional cardiology world, SCAI President Ted A. Bass, MD, FSCAI and CIT Chairman Run-Lin Gao, MD, FSCAI, this unique symposium should present attendees with a fascinating discussion on strategies and tactics to deal with real-world scenarios related to quality in the cath lab.

    For instance, how do you assure quality and patient safety in cath labs focused on investigational and/or complex procedures? Or what do you do in the instance of a high-volume operator who has a high complication rate because of the clinical and angiographic complexity cases he is asked to oversee? What are the keys to successfully developing and implementing a successful quality improvement program in a Chinese CCL? What are they keys to success in the U.S.? These and more challenging scenarios will be tackled by an international faculty including: Joseph D. Babb, MD, FSCAI, Jiyan Chen, MD, Ajay J. Kirtane, MD, FSCAI, Lang Li, MD, Thach Nguyen, MD, FSCAI, Thomas M. Tu, MD, FSCAI, Haichang Wang, MD, and Yuejin Yang, MD.

    SCAI Trustee Thach Nguyen, MD, FSCAI and CIT Secretary General Xu Bo, MBBS came up with the concept. “Quality in the Cath Lab is such an important issue, here in China as well as in the U.S.,” said Dr. Nguyen. “Unfortunately, oftentimes it is discussed at a macro-level without thought to micro-level issues that make it applicable for more general audiences.”

    “We wanted to bring the issue to life with situations that are often faced in the lab,” said Xu Bo, MBBS. “The point-counterpoint format of this session allows us to explore practical solutions both from a Chinese perspective and a U.S. one.”

    In addition to this special symposium, SCAI is also bringing its focus on quality to CIT via the printed page. In a special section of the Chinese Medical Journal (CMJ) being distributed to CIT attendees and beyond, SCAI quality initiatives are highlighted in the series of following articles:

    • “Quality Initiatives in the Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Laboratories” authored by Faisal Latif MD, FSCAI, Thach Nguyen MD, FSCAI and Ted A. Bass MD, FSCAI is a general overview of SCAI quality initiatives;
    •  “Quality Assurance for Cardiovascular Catheterization and Intervention” authored by Faisal Latif MD, FSCAI, Thach Nguyen MD, FSCAI , Aravinda Nanjundappa MD and Bonnie H. Weiner MD, FSCAI profiles Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence (ACE);
    • Rules of Engagement for cardiac catheterization laboratory directors” authored by Ramesh Daggubati, MD, FSCAIGianluca Rigatelli, MD, FSCAI,  Thach Nguyen, MD, FSCAI, Aravinda Nanjundappa, MD  and Charles Chambers MD, FSCAI discusses SCAI’s Cath Lab Leadership Boot Camp to be unveiled at SCAI 2014; and
    • “Appropriate Use Criteria for Coronary Angiography and Revascularization” authored by Jack P. Chen, MD, FSCAI, Thach Nguyen MD, FSCAI and Theodore A. Bass MD, FSCAI

    "SCAI is the leader in promoting quality outcomes in cath labs," said Dr. Bass. “We’ve not only seen this message reverberate in the U.S. but elsewhere. We’re very excited to discuss quality with our colleagues from throughout China at CIT.”

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