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  • Unit 6.4b: Management of Cardiogenic Shock in STEMI - *Updated Version*

    Jeffrey J. Popma, MD - Director of Interventional Cardiology Clinical Services / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Boston, MA

    Duration: 1 hour

    Faculty Disclosure

    • Boston Scientific (Grants or Research Support)
    • Abbott Vascular (Consultant)
    • Abbott Vascular (Grants or Research Support)
    • Medtronic (Grants or Research Support)
    • Boston Scientific (Consultant)
    • Cook (Grants or Research Support)
    • Covidien (Consultant)
    • Cordis (Grants or Research Support)
    • Covidien (Grants or Research Support)

    Learning Objectives

    • To discuss the incidence and pathogenesis of patients who develop cardiogenic shock
    • To review the definitions of cardiogenic shock and outline the differential diagnosis in these patients
    • To understand the treatment options and prognosis in patients with cardiogenic shock