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    This ground-breaking site brings together world-renown interventional cardiology leaders to assist cardiologists by providing information to facilitate the learning process.  Use the content to study for the Boards or to enrich your knowledge of cases.

    The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI), with a grant from the Cordis Cardiac and Vascular Institute, sponsors this innovative site to help today's cardiologists become tomorrow's thought leaders.  Each course consists of a series of units, with every unit being taught by a recognized expert in the field.Courses offered will be of particular interest to the interventional cardiologist, designed to enhance traditional program offerings.

    This page displays all courses available from this innovative program.  The status of your progress in a course is represented with a percentage in the Status column.

    • To view a list of units within a course, click on the course name.  To hide the units, click on the course name again.
    • To launch a unit, click the title.
    • To select a course, click Enroll.  Your courses will be displayed in the My Selections section on the My Status page.
    • To remove a course you selected, click Unenroll.