• About ICI

    Educational Investment

    The creation of the Interventional Cardiologists Institute (ICI) provides an encompassing set of resources for the Interventional Cardiologist. ICI's commitment includes investment in intellectual pursuits, sponsorships, and educational programs designed to optimize the Cardiologists' overall didactic experience. Brought to you through the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions – the primary professional association for invasive and interventional cardiologists – the Interventional Cardiologists Institute can respond dynamically to current innovations in treatment.

    Partnership in Innovation

    ICI develops its program through collaboration with academic scientists and clinical experts, covering a full breadth of cardiovascular disease. These partnerships ensure ICI's commitment to the highest standards of education excellence. ICI enables Interventional Cardiologists to use the most cutting-edge technology to plan their learning experience. ICI's curriculum is able to evolve rapidly to address the changes of tomorrow and to set new standards of practice.