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    3-in-1 Technique for Preventing of Catheter Thrombosis, Administering Medications, and Drawing Blood

    Cindy Grines, MD, FSCAI and Kusum Lata, MD share a simple technique for preventing catheter thrombosis, administering medications, and drawing blood at the same time by using a short extension tube and a three-way stop cock.

    A high-pressure short extension tube and three-way stopcock to the copilot during coronary intervention are useful in many ways:

    1. Wire manipulation through the guide catheter fills the catheter with blood. Stagnation of blood causes clot formation. Intermittent flushing of the guide catheter can be easily performed with turning off the stopcock towards the manifold.

    2. Blood drawn can be simply performed by turning off the stock cock towards the manifold (make sure copilot is tight or air can be sucked in).

    3. Intracoronary medications can be administered without disconnecting the manifold.



    Cath Lab Hack Presented By:

    Cindy L. Grines, MD, FSCAI
    Interventional Cardiologist
    Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI

    Kusum Lata, MD
    Interventional Cardiology Fellow
    Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI


    SCAI.org Editorial Advisory Board Commentary

    "This is a very easy, inexpensive and clever modification of a standard manifold setup. It is very easy to check ACT’s during the case and easy to give intracoronary nitro without disrupting the manifold setup. Great idea!"

    Michael Ragosta, MD, FSCAI
    SCAI.org Editor-in-Chief