• Sending a Letter to the Editor

    Send a letter to the editor (LTE) to your local newspaper.

    Please download and personalize one of the following LTE templates:

    LTE submission is competitive. While it can be challenging to get a letter placed, it is well worth the effort. Here are some steps you can take to improve your chances of having your LTE published:

    • Follow the submission guidelines for your local paper. We’ve compiled the submission requirements for the top 100 newspapers in the United States. This document provides essential information, but you should also check the website of your local newspaper and follow those instructions.

    • Use one of the following templates as a starting point, but tailor your letter to either a specific article that ran in your local paper or a localized issue. Consider consulting a resource such as Heart Disease and Stroke 2013 Statistical Update or The worldwide environment of cardiovascular disease: prevalence, diagnosis, therapy, and policy issues by Laslett LJ et al. for data about the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in your state or region.

    • Personalize your letter somewhat without changing the overall message. Adding an example of how the fee cuts are specifically affecting your patients will improve the likelihood that your letter will be published.

    • Proof read your submission carefully and take the time to do a final word count before submitting your letter. Your letter can be disqualified simply because it is longer than the publication allows.

    • Confirm that your letter is signed by a local physician (you), your institution is listed, and you have provided contact information.

    If you submit a letter, please let us know, so we can help to watch for it. Email Kathy David with a copy of your letter as well as information about when and where you sent it.

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