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    SCAI Calls for Changes to the AMI Bundled Payment Program

    May 01, 2017

    The final rule for the Medicare AMI Bundled Payment Program was issued last November. But, in response to a January 20th Executive Order, all regulations issued 60 days prior to President Trump taking office were subject to delay and re-review. Therefore, CMS issued a new proposed rule for a Delayed Bundled Payment Program proposing a delay to the start of the program until at least October 1, 2017. SCAI took the opportunity the delay provides to reach out directly to Secretary Price to reiterate concerns about the AMI Bundled Program that CMS did not adequately address in the November final rule. CMS’s decision in regards to delaying the rule and whether CMS will make any revisions to the program including whether the program will shift to a voluntary program are expected to be addressed in the final rule for the Delayed Bundled Payment Rule expected to be issued on or about May 20th. SCAI’s Advocacy team will continue to closely monitor developments pertaining to the AMI Bundled Payment Program.