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    Fiscal Cliff Deal Averts 27% SGR Cuts, But Other Cuts Will Impact Interventional Cardiology

    January 03, 2013


    A bipartisan fiscal cliff deal has averted 27 percent across-the-board cuts for all Medicare procedures by "patching" the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) for another year.


    It is important to note that this SGR patch will be partially paid for by reducing payments for high-technology imaging in physician offices (expected to include CT, MRI and PET) and by allowing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) to go 2 extra years into the past to collect overpayments. The OIG will now be permitted to go back five years to collect overpayments. Other cuts were made in hospital payments and payments to Medicare Advantage plans.


    While these dramatic SGR cuts have been averted for a year, fee schedule changes for 2013 (including cuts in PCI procedures) will still go into effect. Please visit SCAI.org for a look at how fees for some top invasive and interventional procedures will be affected. Additionally, possible cuts of about 2 percent due to sequestration have only been delayed by two months; SCAI does not expect a final decision about those cuts until at least the end of February.


    A Look at How Top Interventional and Invasive Fees Will Be Affected in 2013