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    Chair: Jeffrey J. Cavendish, MD, FSCAI  (December 2017–May 2019)
    Board Liaison: Ronald P. Caputo, MD, FSCAI
    Staff Liaison: Lisa McDonald (lmcdonald@scai.org)Stephanie Colbert (scolbert@scai.org)


    To review applications for membership and recommend updates to membership criteria as appropriate.


    • Review and recommend applications.
    • Create a procedural handbook.
    • Develop, on an as-needed basis, new membership criteria.

    Voting Members

    Member Term Start Term End
    Ahmad Mohammad Nooraldeen Alkonaissi, MBBS, MSc May 2018 May 2021
    George A. Stouffer, MD, FSCAI May 2017 May 2020
    Gus Theodos, MD, FSCAI May 2018 May 2021
    Juan Carlos Becerra-Martinez, MD, FACC, FESC May 2018 May 2021
    Julie A. Vincent, MD, FSCAI May 2015 May 2020
    Keshav R. Nayak, MD, FSCAI May 2016 May 2019
    Mitchell L, Devlin, DO May 2018 May 2021
    Osvaldo S. Gigliotti, MD, FSCAI May 2015 May 2020
    Upendra Kaul, MD, FSCAI May 2017 May 2020