• Nominating

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    Chair: Kirk N. Garratt, MD, MSc, MSCAI (Immediate Past President, 2018–2019) 
    Staff Liaison: Francesca Dea (fdea@scai.org


    To prepare lists of nominees for consideration to become Trustees and Officers of the Society.
    The Nominating Committee membership is as follows:

    • David A. Cox, MD, MSCAI (President, 2018–2019)
    • Ethisham Mahmud, MD, FSCAI (President-Elect, 2018–2019)
    • Cindy L. Grines, MD, MSCAI (Vice President, 2018–2019)

    At-Large Nominating Committee Members

    Member Term Start Term End
    Dennis W. Kim, MD, PhD, FSCAI May 2017 May 2020
    Jeffrey J. Cavendish, MD, FSCAI May 2017 May 2020
    Roxana Mehran, MD, MSCAI May 2017 May 2019
    Lloyd W. Klein, MD, MSCAI May 2018 May 2021