• Carotid Stenting


    Chair: D. Chris Metzger, MD, FSCAI  (May 2016–May 2019)
    Staff Liaison: Emily Senerth (esenerth@scai.org)


    Develop and implement strategies for establishing carotid stenting as an accepted therapeutic regimen for patients in need of treatment for atherosclerotic occlusive carotid artery disease.


    • Support efforts to align CMS and other insurers regarding coverage of carotid stenting procedures consistent with the evidence from clinical trials and FDA approved indications.
    • Work with Committees developing update guidelines for training, credentialing, and re-credentialing for carotid stenting procedures.

    Voting Members

    Member Term Start Term End
    Michael R. Jaff, DO, FSCAI May 2013 May 2018
    Bryan W. Kluck, DO, FSCAI January 2012 May 2018
    Rajan A. Patel, MD, FSCAI May 2013 May 2018
    Kenneth Rosenfield, MD, MHCDS, MSCAI May 2013 May 2018
    Christopher J. White, MD, MSCAI May 2013 May 2018
    Kamal Gupta, MD, FSCAI May 2013 May 2018
    Anand Prasad, MD, FSCAI May 2013 May 2018