• Bylaws & Ethics


    Chair: Jeffrey J. Cavendish, MD, FSCAI (May 2016–May 2018)
    Co-Chair: Jeffrey M. Schussler, MD, FSCAI  (May 2015–May 2018)
    Staff Liaisons: Francesca Dea, MBA (fdea@scai.org); Laura Hanson (lhanson@scai.org)


    To develop, update, and oversee enforcement of the Society’s code of ethics and related policies.

    Executive Council

    Member Term Start Term End
    Joseph D. Babb, MD, MSCAI May 2016 May 2020
    Charles E. Chambers, MD, MSCAI May 2015 May 2018
    David A. Cox, MD, FSCAI May 2010 May 2018
    William G. Kussmaul, MD, FSCAI May 2010 May 2018
    Barry Uretsky, MD, FSCAI May 2016 May 2020