• Education


    Chair: Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FSCAI  (May 2014 - May 2017)
    Co-chair: Douglas E. Drachman, MD, FSCAI  (May 2014 - May 2017)
    Staff Liaison: Robert Bartel, MSc, FACEHP (RBartel@scai.org)


    To advise the SCAI Board of Trustees on SCAI’s strategic educational direction commensurate with SCAI’s overall strategic goals, and to review and develop educational products* related to the clinical practice of interventional cardiologists and interventional cardiology fellows in training.

    *Those SCAI programs which contain educational components but are not related to the output of educational products around clinical practice should be sent to the Education Committee on a “review and respond” basis.


    1. Review all proposals for educational products for quality of content, impact on target audiences and financial performance
    2. Develop and maintain a 5 year strategic educational plan in collaboration with the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees
    3. Coordinate assessment of educational products of SCAI committees into annual educational programming agenda and priority focus areas
    4. Collect, review, and communicate the educational needs of SCAI membership
    5. Maintain accreditation for continuing medical education by the appropriate certifying agencies


    Executive Council

    Member Term Start Term End
    J. Dawn Abbott, MD, FSCAI May 2012 May 2018
    Robert J. Applegate, MD, FSCAI May 2014 May 2017
    Ehrin Armstrong, MD, MSc, MAS May 2015 May 2018
    Ted A. Bass, MD, MSCAI May 2014 May 2017
    Kreton Mavromatis, MD, FSCAI May 2012 May 2018
    Sahil A. Parikh, MD, FSCAI May 2012 May 2018
    Michael Ragosta, MD, FSCAI May 2015 May 2018
    Kalyani R. Trivedi, MD, FSCAI May 2014 May 2017
    Bonnie H. Weiner, MD, MSEC, MBA, MSCAI May 2012 May 2018

    Voting Members

    Member Term Start Term End
    M. Chadi Alraies, MD
    (Fellow-in-Training Representative)
    May 2016 May 2017
    Herbert Aronow, MD, FSCAI
    (ELM Representative)
    May 2016 May 2018
    Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, FSCAI May 2015 May 2018
    Luis A. Guzman, MD, FSCAI May 2015 May 2018
    Sunil V. Rao, MD, FSCAI May 2015 May 2018

    Want to Join?

    Send an e-mail to info@scai.org with the following information: your name and committee you wish to join.