• Vascular Access Working Group


    Chair: Samir B. Pancholy, MD, FSCAI (May 2012 - May 2016)
    Co-Chair: Adhir R. Shroff, MD, MPH, FSCAI (May 2014 - May 2016)


    • To develop and promote educational programs that promote best practice for arterial and venous access to improve patient safety and outcomes across the spectrum of endovascular procedures;
    • To develop standards and best practices for arterial and venous access;
    • To promote SCAI’s commitment to procedural quality through engagement of the world’s experts in arterial and venous access.

    Working Group Members

    • Samir B. Pancholy, MD, FSCAI (Chair)
    • Adhir R. Shroff, MD, MPH, FSCAI (Co-Chair)
    • Ron Caputo, MD, FSCAI
    • Pannetta J. Carmelo, MD, FSCAI
    • Jack P. Chen, MD, FSCAI
    • John J. Cogan, MD, FSCAI
    • John Coppola, MD, FSCAI
    • L. Van-Thomas Crisco, MD, FSCAI
    • Douglas E. Drachman, MD, FSCAI
    • Kirk N. Garratt, MD, FSCAI
    • S. Micheal Gharacholou, MD
    • Ian Gilchrist, MD, FSCAI
    • Rajiv Gulati, MD, PhD, FSCAI
    • Beau Hawkins, MD
    • Morton J. Kern, MD, FSCAI
    • Salvatore F. Mannino, DO, FSCAI
    • Tejas M. Patel, MD, FSCAI
    • Christopher Pyne, MD, FSCAI
    • Sunil Rao, MD, FSCAI
    • Ruby Satpathy, MD, FSCAI
    • Pinak Shah, MD, FSCAI
    • Adhir R. Shroff, MD, FSCAI
    • Kimberly A. Skelding, MD, FSCAI
    • Jennifer Tremmel, MD, FSCAI
    • Walter Woody, MD, FSCAI
    • George Younis, MD, FSCAI
    • Gilbert Zoghbi, MD, FSCAI

    Want to Join?

    Send an e-mail to info@scai.org with the following information: your name and committee you wish to join.