• Development/Industry Relations

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    Chair: Srihari S. Naidu, MD, FSCAI  (May 2016–May 2020)
    Chandan Devireddy, MD, FSCAI  (May 2015–May 2020)
    Co-Chair: David Rizik, MD, MSCAI (May 2019–May 2020)
    Board Liaison: 
    John Messenger, MD, FSCAI
    Staff Liaisons: Eric Grammer (egrammer@scai.org); Sandy Hung (shung@scai.org)


    To develop and maintain relationships with industry partners in order to promote the Society's educational objectives and generate support for SCAI meetings and programs.


    • Work with the Program and Budget committees to develop revenue goals and budget for annual Meeting.
    • Generate increased sponsorship over the previous year on SCAI programs.


    Voting Members

    Member Term Start Term End
    Mirvat Alasnag, MD 2019 2022
    Heidar Arjomand, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
    Emmanouil S.  Brilakis, MD, PhD, FSCAI   2020
    Louis Cannon,  MD 2019 2022
    Ronald Caputo, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
    Larry Dean, MD, MSCAI   2020
    Punag Divanji, MD 2018 2021
    James Hermiller, MD, MSCAI 2018 2021
    Nikolaos Kakouros, MD, PhD, FSCAI 2017 2020
    Steven V. Manoukian, MD, FSCAI 2019 2022
    Shahab Moossavi, MD 2018 2021
    Ronnie Ramadan, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
    Arnold Seto, MD, FSCAI 2017 2020
    Alpesh Shah, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
    Adhir Shroff, MD, MPH 2019 2022
    Sundararajan Srikanth, MBBS 2017 2020
    Craig Thompson, MD 2019 2022
    Howard Zimring, MD 2019 2022