• CME Oversight

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    Adult Chair: Ronnie Ramadan, MD, FSCAI (March 2017–May 2019)
    Congenital Co-Chair: John P. Breinholt, MD, FSCAI (March 2017–May 2020)
    Board Liaison: John C. Messenger, MD, FSCAI 
    Staff Liaisons: Laura Daigle Porter, CMP (lporter@scai.org)
    Rob Bartel, MSc, FACEHP (rbartel@scai.org)


    To maintain SCAI’s ACCME accreditation, review proposed educational programs for approval, and advise the Board of Trustees on all matters concerning CME within the Society.

    Voting Members

    Member Term Start Term End
    Anbukarasi Maran, MD May 2018 May 2021
    Andres Mauricio Pineda, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Babu Ezhumalai, MBBS, MD, DM, FNB, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Brian Boe, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Calvin Choi, MD, MS, FSCAI March 2017 May 2019
    David L. Ain, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Eric S. Y. Chong, MBBS, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Firas Zahr, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Jooby John, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Juan Carlos Becerra-Martinez, MD, FACC, FESC December 2017 May 2020
    Kalkidan Bishu, MD, MS, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Kamaldeep Chawla, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    M. Chadi Alraies May 2016 May 2020
    Mazen S. Abu-Fadel, MD, FSCAI May 2018 May 2021
    Muhammad Nasir Rahman, MBBS, FACC, FCPS (Med), FCPS (Card), FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Prashanth Katrapati, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Rajiv Jauhar, MD, FSCAI December 2017 May 2020
    Shahab Moossavi, MD December 2017 May 2020
    Sheryl Forrester, RN, BSN, RCIS December 2017 May 2020
    Todd Kiefer, MD December 2017 May 2020

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